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Phonics support

If you are in Year 1 or 2 you will have your own THRASS chart at home, which you should be using to help you with your reading ,writing and weekly phonics activities set by your teachers.


Don't forget our raps:

You will have to be the teacher and show your grown ups what to do!


The Alphabet Rap             AB   ABC    ABCDEFG ...

The Consonant Picture Rap    bird rabbit   bird rabbit cat                               bird rabbit cat kitten duck school queen ...

The Vowel Picture Rap         ant baby       ant baby tape

                            ant baby tape snail tray hair square...

The Consonant Sound Rap     b  bb       b  bb  c   

                                b  bb c  k  ck  ch  q ...

The Vowel Sounds Rap         a a     a a a-e

                                a  a   a-e  ai  ay  air  are...


Ask your partner to find a specific box, tell you exactly where it is,which pictures are within it and what the spelling choices are.

eg  the air box is in V1

the pictures are hair and square

the 2 spelling choices are air and are

 Alphabet Rap

 Consonant Word Rap

Consonant Sounds Rap

Vowel Word Rap

Vowel Sounds Rap

Same spelling different sound

Sound buttons

Try different sounds


Here are some links that will help you with your phonics at home.

A guide for how to pronounce sounds

 Letters and Sounds Phonics Play Phonics Bloom

 Phonics Pop Forest Phonics Foam Phonemes Phonic Bingo Viking Full Circle

Kids vs Phonics Geraldine Giraffe


Have fun and keep checking back for more updates.