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RE Festivals and Faiths

in addition to the RE taught at school you might like to learn more about the different religions that exist in our world.

Here are just a few website you can visit to find out a little bit more about some customs, traditions and beliefs.

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Religions of the world

RE for Infants

RE for Juniors


Here is a useful website with information of significant up and coming religious festivals.

festivals calendar

Have a look at our curriculum pages to see the long term map for RE at school. It details all the religions we teach in accordance with the statutory Brighton and Hove agreed syllabus for RE.

It states that 50% of our teaching is linked to Christianity and Christian themes. The other 50% includes core teaching of other major religions with an insight into their beliefs, customs and practices. Such knowledge helps to reduce prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping.

 RE Overview


At this time of year Christians are preparing for their most important festival of the year which is Easter.

This year Easter Sunday is on 4th April.

Here are some things to you learn a little more if you are interested.

Holy Week for Juniors

Palm Sunday

Infant song

The Easter Story

The story of Easter

Easter facts

Signs of new life

Easter for Infants



There are many other festivals that occur at this time of year too. Here are the details of just some of them:


This year Passover is between 27th March and 4th April

On 27th March people who follow Judaism begin to celebrate the important Jewish festival of Passover. This is often also called Pesach.

Here are some things to help you learn a little more if you are interested.

 For the Infants:

How is Passover celebrated?

The Passover Story


Dayenu Song

The Matzah Song

A Passover Song

For the Juniors:

How is Passover celebrated?

BBC Teach -Passover

What is Passover?

Passover Song


This year Ramadan begins on 12th April

Ramadan is an important festival of fasting and prayer observed by many adults who follow the Islamic faith.

Here is some information to help you learn a little more if you are interested.

For the Infants:

All about Ramadan

Ramadan with Zaky and KaswaA day with Zaky and friends

Ramadan song

What is Ramadan?


For the Juniors:

The month of Ramadan

What is Ramadan?

BBC Teach- Ramadan

News clip- Ramadan

Ramadan facts

News clip 2 - Ramadan


This year Holi begins on 28th March

Holi is a five day festival celebrated mainly by Hindus as part of Hinduism.

Here is some information to help you learn a little more if you are interested.

What is Holi?

 Understanding Holi

For the Infants:

Celebrating Holi

Why do we celebrate Holi?

For the Juniors:

The festival of Holi