Woodingdean Primary School

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Governor Attendance at Full Governing Body and Committee meetings in the past academic year

Full Governing Body

Meeting dates 25.09.2019, 27.11.2019, 22.01.2020, 31.03.2020, 21.04.2020, 20.05.2020, 01.06.2020, 10.06.2020, 24.06.2020, 08.07.2020

Name Attendance / Eligible attendance 
Darren Arbon 9/10
Carly Astaniou 9/10
Emma Bennett 10/10
Shelagh Fallows 0/1
Darren Gearing 8/10
Raluca Jarvis 2 / 10
Sally Livermore 10/10
Karen Meeres 10/10
Daisy Piatt 4/5
Tim Pettitt 5/10
Helen Rose 8/10
George Russell 7/7
Lisa Thomas Brooks 0/2
Jonathan Whitfield 9/10
Kate Williams 6/10

 Teaching Learning & Wellbeing Committee

 Meeting dates 09.10.2019

Name Attendance / Eligible attendance 
Carly Astaniou 0/0
Darren Arbon 1/1
Emma Bennett 1/1
Shelagh Fallows 0/1
Darren Gearing 1/1
Karen Meeres 1/1
Helen Rose 1/1
Lisa Thomas Brooks 1/1
Jonathan Whitfield 1/1
Kate Williams 0/1

 Resources Committee

 Meeting dates 02.10.2019, 20.11.2019, 26.02.2020, 06.05.2020, 27.05.2020

Name Attendance / Eligible attendance 
Carly Astaniou 2/2
Raluca Jarvis 4/5
Sally Livermore 5/ 5
Karen Meeres 5 / 5
Tim Pettitt 0 / 5
George Russell 2/3
Jonathan Whitfield 5 / 5


Register of Interests of governors and associate members 2020-21




company directorships/

charity Trusteeships

Membership of professional bodies

Date interest was registered


Darren Arbon

Gather Capture




Two children at school

Carly Astaniou

Not employed




Child at school

Aaron Barnard

Finance Director (SE Cluster) Aldridge Education




Wife Property Management Survey, Associate at Flude Property Consultants

Emma Bennett

Founder of Avenal Ausden

Avenal Ausden and 26 Bristol road



Child at school, Chair of Governors at Royal Spa Nursery since 01.12.2016

Jo Fish

Woodingdean Primary School




Husband's Company APF Property Services does work for school sometimes

Darren Gearing





Gearing Management Service Ltd, Gearing Plant Hire Ltd, The Beach House Worthing Ltd, Portland Freehouse Ltd, Our Eating House Ltd, Tap House Shoreham Ltd

Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality




Raluca Jarvis

Brighton and Hove City Council





Joanna Jones

Woodingdean Primary School





Sally Livermore

Veran Performance Ltd

Bishmore Consulting Ltd (currently dormant)




Karen Meeres

Part time Exam Invigilator 

KFM Consulting Ltd




Natalie Mildon

Virtusales Publishing Solutions Ltd




Two children at school

Tim Pettitt






Parent Governor, Wife works as MDSA at WPS, child at school

Helen Rose


Church of Holy Cross, Woodingdean


 Chaplain to the MU



Jonathan Whitfield

Headteacher Woodingdean Primary School





Kate Williams


Headteacher Longhill High School


 ASCL, Chartered College of Teaching


Ex-officio governor at Longhill High School

If you have any questions about the role of school governors or how to become one, do not hesitate to ask. Contact our Clerk to the Governors, Mrs Ruth Ali by email - ruthali@woodingdean.brighton-hove.sch.uk

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