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Woodingdean Primary School


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At Woodingdean Primary School,
we are committed to nurturing and developing inspired,
curious, independent and well-rounded children
with the self-belief to fulfil their potential.

Homework at Woodingdean

At Woodingdean Primary, we recognise that traditional homework can be time consuming and stressful on family life.

We do expect children to read at home frequently and practise some key maths skills, but also want to give everyone the chance to be curious self-motivated learners.

Our Badges Book allows children to develop and learn according to their interests, and at their own pace. Current examples include gardening, dancing, photography and reading; hopefully among the 24 areas there is something for everyone!

At each stage of bronze, silver or gold the children must complete each statement, demonstrating a high level of knowledge / skill / understanding in order to gain their sticker. 

The children do not have to take part in any of the activities, they may wish to take part in all of them or they may wish to ‘chop & change’ – what is important is that they are doing something that interests them and motivates them.

Any materials that may be needed that you do not have at home, please ask at school and we will do our best to provide them.