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Home Learning

In 2017, we introduced a new way of doing homework at Woodingdean Primary School. This was to reflect that traditional homework was time-consuming, stressful on family and home life, and ultimately created more to mark for already very busy teachers. However, I think we would all agree that continuing to work on the basic skills of reading and times tables etc. is a good thing.

As such, we have implemented a series of badges or stickers that the children can earn should they wish to. These awards are based around ‘non-school’ ventures, for example dancing, gardening or photography.

At each stage of bronze, silver or gold the children must complete each statement, demonstrating a high level of knowledge / skill / understanding in order to gain their sticker. When all 3 are awarded, an ‘Epic’ Badge sticker is presented to be stuck on the relevant page. There are 24 altogether and there is no timeline as to when they have to be completed.

The children do not have to take part in any of the activities, they may wish to take part in all of them or they may wish to ‘chop & change’ – what is important is that they are doing something that interests them and motivates them.

We would also love families to be involved in any way; helping out, organising, discussing etc. just let us know when you have. Any materials that may be needed that you do not have at home, please ask at school and we will do our best to provide them.

Your child will have a plastic folder with a page for each of the badge areas; please look after this, it is to stay with you throughout your time at Woodingdean. When children have completed a bronze, silver or gold stage they simply show an adult at school and receive their stickers.

We have attached the sheets from the booklet below for you to view or print, should any get mislaid from your child/ren's books.

Home Learning Badges Book