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At Woodingdean Primary School,
we are committed to nurturing and developing inspired,
curious, independent and well-rounded children
with the self-belief to fulfil their potential.

Photographs in school

As a school, we use photographs to demonstrate to children what good learning looks like and to celebrate their achievements. We are aware that just like our other data, it is important to keep this information securely.

Photographs and videos will only be collected and stored with a documented lawful basis.

Photographs and videos will be used where they are deemed essential for performing the public task of the school. Where photographs are required for other purposes, these purposes will be documented and explicit consent sought.

The retention period for photographs and videos will be documented in the retention policy. At the end of the retention period photographs will either be destroyed, or may be retained photos for archiving purposes in the public interest.

Please also note that when your child is in a public venue (such as a  sports event) local media may take photos. You are able to object to this processing and we will give you prior knowledge if and when we know third-parties will be present at external events.

Where local media come into the school to take photographs, we will ask for consent for that specific purpose beforehand.

Where photographs are used as part of a display we will not accompany the photograph with any other identifiable information such as names.

Photographs and video will only be taken using school equipment and must meet represent the school and children in positively – inappropriate, negative, embarrassing or distressful photos will not be used.

Where parental consent has been obtained we will use this lawful basis until the data subject can demonstrate their understanding to either confirm or withdraw their own consent.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the office and asking for a consent withdrawal form.