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Gorilla Class

Welcome to Gorilla class's page.

The teacher of Gorilla class is Mr bull and It has been an amazing year so far- the children have been fantastic- using their learning tools to learn and improve every day; We are very proud of them. Thank you for your support helping your children achieve this year, it makes a huge difference.

Autumn Term- Our topic for this term has been 'the Victorians'. the children have learnt an incredible amount about this period in history and immersed themselves in the topic in multiple ways. we enjoyed a 'Victorian day', where the children were taught by a 'strict' mr bull and experienced what lessons would have been like 150 years ago. also, we visited the weald and downland living museum, where the children explored Victorian buildings and undertook either a Victorian cooking or school workshop. our main texts studied in literacy have been 'Oliver twist' and 'a Christmas carol' by Charles dickens. Towards the end of term, we spent a design and technology day designing and making a mobile beach hut that could transport queen Victoria in privacy and comfort to the sea.

We have also been our enjoying our outdoor learning space by: singing and meditating in nature; making mandalas; measuring the height of trees by using sticks; partaking in nature scavenger hunts and playing lots of nature based games.

spring term...this term we have been on a topic adventure to central America, where we have learnt so much about the ancient Maya. the children have produced some truly fabulous literacy, history and art work based around this topic. we also had a special visit from the 'Mayan man' who brought the topic further to life.

Summer term: our topic for summer term is 'harry potter'. We will be immersing ourselves in the world of 'harry potter and the philosophers stone'. this topic culminates in a visit to harry potter studios!

excitingly, all year 3 children will be taught ukulele by mr bull in the summer term.

watch this space for further updates.


Some reminders:

* outdoor P.E. is on Thursday (after Christmas will be basketball)

* indoor P.E is on Tuesday (after Christmas will be hockey and yoga)

* reading diaries are handed in every Thursday

* there is a tables and spelling test every other Wednesday (we email and send home a paper copy of what the children will be tested on).