Woodingdean Primary School

Woodingdean Primary School

Personal, Social, Health and economic Education

PSHE education plays a very important part in preventing issues around bullying, prejudice, substance misuse, sexual exploitation, and unplanned teenage pregnancy.  It also contributes to positive physical/ emotional/ mental health and healthy relationships.

As such, at Woodingdean we believe that our PSHE curriculum enables our pupils to build healthy friendships and relationships, helping them keep safe now and in the future.  Effective PSHE education also supports the teaching of behaviour for learning, contributing to the well-being, safety and achievement of all pupils in our school.

Please click on the link below to see an outline of what we teach in each year group across the year.  We follow the Brighton and Hove curriculum for PSHE, which is regularly updated and reviewed to ensure that it is current and appropriate.

Curriculum Map 2021


All of what we do in PSHE is underpinned by the Equality Act 2010.  This Act makes it our duty as a school to 'make sure all sections of our community feel included and able to join in.'  You can find out more about the Equality Act by following the link below:



If you have any questions you can click the link below for the DfE's FAQs page:


 If you have any more questions or queries, please contact Miss Humphreys (PSHE lead).



20th May 2022:

Please go to Google Classroom (years 1-6) and Tapestry (Reception) to find the Relationships and Sex Education video for your child's year group.  The videos go through what RSE looks like at Woodingdean through the key stages.  Miss Humphreys goes through all lessons and resources.  The aim is to be completely transparent with what is taught and give parents an opportunity to comment or ask questions.  Please Miss Humphreys or your class teacher if you would like further information.


DATE (Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco Education)

At Woodingdean, this is the 'Keeping Healthy and Safe' topic across all year groups.  Please click the link below to see what themes are covered for each year group and when.

Overview of 'Keeping Healthy Safe' Curriculum 2020


 15th March 2021.

As promised, here is the RSHE Information and Engagement video.  This is a recorded version of the last meeting.  It looks at the government guidance and what topics RSHE covers.  Parents are invited to comment and ask questions via email.


Due to the disruption this year, statutory RSHE (parts of the PSHE curriculum) has been further extended, however schools will still be expected to teach RSHE by Summer 2021.  If you would like to know more you can look at the DfE website (linked below) which has various guides for parents and carers.



21st January 2021

Please find some resources below to support your children's mental health and well-being in this challenging time.  There are also some tips for parents too!

 5 Ways to Wellbeing

PSHE home learning guide for parents

 Learning about managing worry and anxiety

 Managing difficult feelings (Years 5 & 6)

 Part 1 Thinking About Feelings KS2

 Part 2 Managing Difficult Feelings KS2

 Part 3 Ways To Be Calm KS2

 Part 4 More Ways To Cope With DIffiicult Feelings KS2

 Part 5 General Wellbeing KS2

Part 6 Five Ways to Wellbeing KS2

PSHE Home Learning Ideas

Home Learning Week 1: 5 days to Wellbeing

Home Learning Week 2: 5 days to Wellbeing

Well Being Ideas for EYFS/ KS1

 Part 1 Thinking About Feelings KS1

Part 2 Managing Difficult Feelings KS1

Part 3 Ways to be Calm KS1

Part 4 More Ways to be Calm Through Breathing KS1

Part 5 Feel Better Through Positive Self Talk KS1

Part 6 Five Ways to Wellbeing KS1