Woodingdean Primary School

Woodingdean Primary School

Have your say about the future of our school

The council is proposing to reduce the number of spaces offered in 7 primary schools in the East of Brighton. For Woodingdean this would reduce the number of spaces we can offer to families that want to come to our school from 2023.

This would mean we could only offer 45 places per year group and classes would have to be taught with two year groups mixed in the class.

It would also mean we have less money to spend on all our children, and would not have so many staff in the school.


What have we done?

Our Governors and senior leaders have been working tirelessly to create a full response to the council explaining why we do not think Woodingdean Primary should be forced to reduce pupil numbers. 

You can read our response here. This has been emailed to all members of the committee that will be meeting to discuss the council's proposals.

We will also be presenting our petition to the committee on 16th December 2021.

What can you continue to do?

  • Please sign our petition that will be sent to Brighton & Hove City Council

  • Please watch our video that explains why we don't want this to happen at Woodingdean Primary

  • *****NEW***** Please watch our new video made by our Parents and governors here


We want to keep our vision  - 

At Woodingdean Primary School, we are committed to nurturing and developing inspired, curious, independent, and well-rounded children with the self-belief to achieve their potential

thank you for your support in objecting to this proposal