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Woodingdean Primary School


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At Woodingdean Primary School,
we are committed to nurturing and developing inspired,
curious, independent and well-rounded children
with the self-belief to fulfil their potential.

Sport at Woodingdean

For every child to experience high quality teaching and learning through the PE curriculum. 

To be active, engaged and challenged in their learning showing progression as well as developing leadership qualities and coaching skills.

Every child should have the opportunity to experience a variety of sports and activities in and outside of the curriculum, also allowing children the chance to compete.

Children at Woodingdean will develop a lifelong enjoyment for sport and physical activity as well as an understanding of how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Deans Sport Partnership

Woodingdean Primary School is part of The Deans Sports Partnership.

It is a joint collaboration of local schools within the Deans area. The aims of the partnership are to work together in Sport by;

  • raising the profile of PE and School Sport by improving the quality of teaching and learning through direct support to teachers and Inset opportunities.
  • To provide opportunities to increase the range and provision of opportunities to schools to encourage healthy, active lifestyles.
  • To provide opportunities for children to take part in competition and enrichment activities.
  • To develop opportunities for young people to take part in leadership and volunteering through sports captains and sports leadership programmes.
  • To seek ways to create a sustainable partnership for future years.


We believe PE and School Sport plays an important role for every pupil, with the potential to change young peoples lives for the better by engaging in physical activity and sport.

We have welcomed the Governments announcement in June 2013 to provide additional funding to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools.  We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions, clubs and events for our young people both within school and the wider community.

We are part of ‘The Deans Sports Partnership’ which involves the following schools; Downs View Special School, Longhill High School, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Rudyard Kipling Primary School, Saltdean Primary School, St.Margarets Primary School and Woodingdean Primary School.

Woodingdean Primary School is the ‘host’ school and the partnership employs Mr.D Hambrook who is an Advanced Skills Teacher of PE to work and support alongside the partnership schools.  Other staff are used within the partnership throughout the year.

This year we received £19,550 in funding to improve PE and Sports activities at Woodingdean Primary. This is how we have spent the funding this year, please view the document below to see a more detailed breakdown of how this money has been distributed.

PE & Sport Report 2018-2019


What has/is being done



Improving teaching and learning


Provide curriculum PE support with a programme of observation, modelled lessons and team teaching to individual teachers and the PE subject leader



Inset/CPD opportunities for staff



Lesson planning and curriculum map support that all staff can access and utilise



































Improved quality of provision and greater confidence for staff being supported by upskilling them and then they are able to share planning and good practice with colleagues


PE CPD support has been provided by the partnership manager, community coaches and additional support as a result of funding for Badminton England, Sussex County Cricket Coaches and community support from qualified staff within the DSP team


Improved achievement levels and expectations for pupils in terms of outcomes and expectations as a result of curriculum support, resources and inset


Support members of staff with issues such as class management/health and safety concerns in PE


Gifted and talent identification (signpost to local clubs within the community and the wider area e.g. Badminton England, South Coast Elite Basketball including children who have been invited to attend county training sessions identified on the talent ID pathway, a partnership cross country team with over 100 runners from the five schools entering the city-wide event that saw the partnership win two trophies from four events – a great success!


Regular dialogue/meetings/point of contact with the subject leader to provide up to date support and guidance on Physical Education including matters relating to local and national programmes


Subject leaders attend regular meetings and are updated on National Initiatives and PE developments including OFSTED


Staff have the opportunity to attend cluster insets and then utilise the new skills with their classes and colleagues, insets offered have been in gymnastics, warm up games, delivering high quality PE sessions and School Games applications.



School to Community


Developing the health and wellbeing of young people


Provide opportunities to increase participation



Competitions Programme



Leadership programmes





































A programme of new and enhanced out of school hours opportunities have been offered including both competitive and non-competitive activities utilising the excellent facilities within the partnership


Commonwealth games friendship community torch run – all schools from the partnership were involved in the run that started at Woodingdean and finished at Saltdean visiting all schools.  There were torch runners from each school involved as well members of staff and parents/carers of sports captains and over 2000 children/adults took part in the laps at the different schools when the torches arrived.  Sports captains undertook a six-week training programme to prepare for the event


All children in year 5 (over 200) will have the opportunity to take part in leadership sessions during curriculum time which culminates with them running a PE sessions/multi skills events for KS1 and leadership activities for other children (over 400 children from keystage one to take part in these leadership sessions).   


Introduction of the ’Daily Mile’ as a pilot project that can then be rolled out to schools, providing feedback and evidence from the staff and pupils involved to monitor the impact on wellbeing, fitness levels, behaviour support and enhance classroom learning across all curriculum areas identifying WWW and EBI for future groups


The Deans Community Champions Cup is contested throughout the year in football, netball, hockey, athletics, cross country, tag rugby, cricket, volleyball and tennis.  Trophies and medals are presented to the winners and runners up from each individual competition.  Each school is awarded points for each individual competition and at the end of the year a cup is awarded to the Champions and Runners up based on the results of all of the twelve competitions, congratulations to Our Lady of Lourdes as the Champions for this academic year.  Many highlights including over 300 children running in the mini mile event and over 70 children from year 6 taking part in the Beach Sports Competition day at Yellowave


Some competition winners have the opportunity to represent the cluster at the School Games City Final event which can lead onto the National School Games


Gifted and talented runners based on the mini mile event were identified from each primary school and they came together to form a ‘Deans Partnership Team’ at the City cross country event picking up numerous medals and team prizes


New opportunities being offered linked to Badminton England, Rottingdean Cricket Club with support from Sussex County Cricket Club, South Coast Elite Basketball development and Virgin Active tennis


Community Rugby Festival that will take place at Longhill with over 100 children from keystage 2 in conjunction with the Sussex Rugby Development Programme


Over 300 children taking part in the initiatives linked to Badminton, Cricket, Tennis and Basketball


Change4life multi skill clubs are offered for year’s reception, 1, 2 and 3 during the course of the year.

Over 300 children took part in the various clubs from the different primary schools


Community Clubs run in various activities for the cluster of schools for dance, cricket, basketball, gymnastics, athletics, football and tennis


Low cost holiday programmes delivered at central sites, these were delivered in multisport, dance and football


Provide opportunities to increase participation with local providers e.g. Longhill Leisure Centre by way of supporting the academy after school club programme


Year 6 children have the opportunity to become ‘sports captains’ and lead various activities and represent the school in different ways.  This programme is linked to literacy in terms of the application form and persuasive writing.  Those chosen then help in a number of ways such as assisting with the multi skills clubs for younger children and reporting on events for the school noticeboards/website


Longhill High School young leaders supporting events children during the year and providing over 50 hours of additional community PE support through the programme



Enrichment opportunities


Raise the profile of PE and School Sport


Community events/special events






Regular celebration of events in assemblies with certificate presentations and sharing of results from competitions


Clarendon dance show – over 190 children from the partnership took part with an audience of over 500 in attendance. 


Community Cricket day held at Rottingdean Cricket Club for children and parents/carers to participate in cricket coaching through the summer


Visit to Twickenham to see Rugby which is attended by over 50 children, parents/carers and staff


Visit to Eastbourne to see the international tennis championships was attended by over 120 children and staff



Reporting and communication


Provide ongoing information for each school through the lead member of staff for PE


To keep schools fully informed of latest curriculum initiatives/OFSTED requirements and support







Regular meetings for lead members of staff from each school


Disseminate minutes from meetings to key personnel/stakeholders


Provide immediate support as and when needed for OFSTED inspections, schools that have been inspected received feedback from OFSTED indicating a positive response towards the way the partnership works and supports schools and that the funding is being used effectively


Meetings are also offered to the PE link governors from each school to discuss the partnership programme



Partnership sustainability


Create a partnership identity and gain support from local companies



Sponsorship has been received from a number of local companies for initiatives such as multi skills club, sports captains’ t-shirts


Maslen Estate Agents supported the torch run with funding for medals and providing support vehicle for the runners



Additional information






Each school contributes £10350 from the Sports premium funding allocation, this money pays for the staffing and associated running costs of the Deans Sports Partnership


The additional funding remaining for each school is spent within the Sports Premium funding guidelines in a number of different ways as outlined below


Sports Captains 

Sports captains are appointed in each of the Deans Primary Schools.

This is offered to the children in year 6 who have to complete a job application form and have a formal interview with the PE Co-ordinator. The sucessful applicants are then officially introduced to the school in a whole school assembly.

Their role is to facilitate in the running and helping out throughout the year with different activities.

Darren Hambrook is co-ordinating a sponsored swim to take place in the winter involving all sports captains/sports leaders supporting the Martlets Hopsice and the Blind Veterans. The swim will take place at Blind Veterans on a date to be finalised. Also Lloyds TSB are hoping to support the event and some Lloyds staff will swim as well which will mean matched funding that can then be put back into community sports!